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5 Fun Accessories to Complete the Perfect Summer Outfit

5 Fun Accessories to Complete the Perfect Summer Outfit

Ok, we’re not going to lie. Summer is not our favorite season for fashion. In fact, we are starting to get so excited for the launch of our fall / winter collection, it’s easy to lose track of the fact that we still have several months of hot, sunny weather to get through before anyone will be thinking about the warm, earthy tones of fall, and cozying up in soft layers, pashminas and sherpa!

So bringing the focus back to Summer, we thought we’d spend some time talking about accessories, which are the easiest way to pull an outfit together – regardless of the season. The cool thing about accessories, is you really don’t have to spend a lot of money to stock your closet with some really great pieces! That, and the selection always seems to be abundant! The best accessories add personality to an outfit and help you express your unique personality and style. For Summer, the key pieces we suggest you focus on are:


Sunglass trends seem to come and go faster than any other fashion item. For this reason, if you are a more trendy person, we don’t recommend investing too much money in this accessory.

That said, there is no rule that states you must change your sunglasses every season to keep up with the latest fads! Although the endless funky frames and styles add serious edge and personality to your look, wearing shades that best suit the shape of your face will show you off in your best light, and add a level of sophistication to your look that hot pink heart shaped shades never will. Its all about personal preference.

Either way, always make sure the shades you purchase offer your eyes protection from damaging sun rays, and ideally prevent you from squinting – which causes premature aging!  


Our favourite piece of jewelry, earrings are the perfect accessory for Summer, because you can wear them in any temperature. Where most of us tend to skip the necklaces and pendants this time of year because we don’t like the feeling of our jewelry adhering to our skin in between a sticky layer of sweat…um, no thanks.

No matter your budget or whether your style is dangly and dramatic or you prefer simple shapes in classic silver or gold, earrings will always help to round out a perfect summer look. Visit our fashion store in Pandosy, Kelowna to shop our summer collection of earrings! 

Summer Scarves

Scarves are a seriously underrated fashion accessory, in large part we believe because most women don’t know how to wear them. They can be very intimidating. But the options a scarf offers you are many!

We just love the way they add a pop of colour and a bold, cheerful pattern to every look. Instead of leaving them at home during the heat, consider incorporating them into your outfit in a new way.  

Try tying one through the front and side belt loop of your jeans for a pop of colour! Or fold a large one on the diagonal, and weave it through the loops as if it were a belt!

Tying a colourful scarf around a handle or hardware loop on your handbag not only looks great, but it offers you the practicality of using it to tie your hair back later in the day.  


Ah yes, the oversized floppy sun hat…the ultimate essential summer accessory! Sun hats not only protect your face from the sun, but they also seriously up the chic factor of literally any outfit! Sometimes, the bigger the better with hats when you want full sun protection, or simply want to look like a celebrity!

If you find it hard to keep the floppy, oversized style on your head when its windy, opt for a crochet style cowboy hat, canvas bucket hat, adjustable ball cap, or simply a visor, instead. To avoid hat head, just keep your hat on!

Summer Handbags

Summer offers you the chance to swap your heavy leather bag for something lighter in a natural material such as wicker, straw, or rattan. Canvas is also great but can be harder to keep clean and is not usually as durable.

Its usually not too hard to find these types of bags at super affordable price points this time of year, as most retailers have early season sales in preparation for the arrival of their eagerly anticipated fall merchandise! 


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