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Stock Your Toolbox

Stock Your Toolbox

If you’re a traditional type, a basic hammer and nail intended for picture hanging will usually do you just fine. But recent advances in modern technology have brought to market a number of new, highly innovative picture-hanging tools that may be worth considering:

3M COMMAND PICTURE HANGING STRIPS: a pair of these are applied to the back of your picture frame on both sides, and attach to the wall using a sophisticated Velcro adhesion that promises damage free application and removal if applied correctly. They are available in multiple options for various weights and sizes of art. Make sure you use the correct strips for each piece of art, ensuring you don’t overload the weight capacity indicated on the front of the package.

MONKEY HOOKS: These curved metal prongs are inserted into your drywall and maneuvered inwards until one end touches the inside of the wall, leaving just enough of the prong showing to create a hook for your picture to hang from. These hooks enable you to hang very heavy pieces without any tools, and rather than being inserted into a stud, use physics to lock the curved prong in place, braced against the inside of your wall for support.

3M COMMAND CANVAS HANGERS: these are small plastic wedges with adhesive backing on one side that is applied to the wall, creating a ledge that canvas pieces can easily hang from. Like the command Picture Hanging Strips, these wedges come in various weight capacities and when used correctly, guarantee damage-free application and removal from your wall.

REMOVABLE ADHESIVE MOUNTING SQUARES: use these on the bottom corners of your artwork to secure the entire piece to the wall symmetrically to eliminate any visible extrusion of space between the top and bottom of your frame once hung on the wall. Make sure you choose the ones marked ‘removable’ to ensure you don’t damage the paint on your walls.

PICTURE HANGING LEVEL: this ‘L’ shaped tool allows you to level the corners of your artwork both vertically and horizontally when hanging, to ensure your piece is perfectly straight.

TAPE MEASURE: A toolbox essential that hopefully requires no further explanation.  

HAMMER: See 'Tape Measure'. 


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