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9 Reasons to Give the Gift of Artwork this Holiday Season

9 Reasons to Give the Gift of Artwork this Holiday Season

It’s official, folks. The 2021 Holiday Shopping season is upon us. And chances are, each of us will have at least a couple of names on our gift list that we deem ‘the question marks’ - you know, those impossible-to-shop-for folks, the ones who seemingly already have absolutely everything there is to have - and a spare!

Before you start to stress, let me ask you something: have you ever considered giving artwork as a gift before? I’ll bet most of your ‘question marks’ don’t yet have a piece of Creativive artwork (or a spare) to enjoy in their home or office.

The reasons that make art an ideal gift option really are endless; unlike your free time. With that in mind, here’s our condensed list of the top reasons artwork makes an excellent gift choice this holiday season:

  1. A gift of artwork is a great way to express the considerable admiration, appreciation, respect and affection you have for for the recipient. This will be evidenced by the obvious thought and consideration you put into selecting a piece of art that is perfectly suited to their unique tastes.
  2. Artwork won’t deplete over time. It doesn’t go bad or have a best before date, and is suitable for daily consumption - no refills required. (It won’t break down, either!)
  3. Art can be surprisingly affordable! Just make sure you buy art directly (from the artist’s website, for instance). Most art galleries will mark up the price of a piece - often by as much as 100% (!!!)
  4. A gift of art will make the recipient think more fondly of you. This may be particularly effective with gifts for your boss, a future parent-in-law, and members of law enforcement! The recipient will think of you and smile every time they see your gift on their wall. Thus, the good moods your recipient experiences as a direct result of the artwork you chose for them will be naturally attributed to you!
  5. How many _________________________ [fill in the blank: flannel pjs, bubble bath/bombs, Xmas socks/sweaters, chocolates and/or other fattening treats, Starbucks gift cards, mitten & toque sets, fruit cakes, giant elf slippers, etc...] does a person really need (or want)?
  6. Art purchases support the creative arts and small business communities; both of which fly in the face of the overly commercialized annual holiday season fueled by stores filled with mass produced of branded and licensed holiday merchandise which make unoriginal gifts.
  7. Art is something the recipient might never buy for themselves. Most folks are willing to set aside the desire for luxury items they don’t truly need to ensure they can afford life’s necessities. Most people would not classify artwork as a necessity of life. But when you consider how significantly art can impact our emotional wellbeing, you might change your mind.
  8. It will add beauty and intrigue to a space where the recipient spends much of their time. Art can completely transform the space in which it is displayed. The recipient will undoubtedly put much thought into choosing the best place to display their gift, and may also be inspired to consider making other changes to their space that will complement the artwork.
  9. It’s unique and (almost) one of a kind. There really is no better way to convey your fondness for someone than with a truly unique and thoughtfully selected gift. Any recipient who values individuality and authenticity will cherish a work of art that they know belongs to only a handful of people. 


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