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Boost Your Life Expectancy By Doing an Art Activity for Just 20 Minutes

Boost Your Life Expectancy By Doing an Art Activity for Just 20 Minutes

Art is not something that should be reserved for the so-called ‘creative types’. There are major health and cognitive benefits to be gleaned by all of us through involvement in all sorts of artistic and creative pursuits.

Art is good for us!

Just as exercise, eating healthy, and meditation have positive impacts on our brain, new research suggests that art has similar benefits to our overall well-being. Art can improve our mood, reduce stress, and help to regulate emotions – this is all supported by modern research. Simply viewing art, say by taking in a gallery exhibit, can result in increased blood flow to the brain, which stimulates the senses in a positive way.

Society tells us that only those deemed ‘creative types’ should pursue and engage in artful activities. But nothing could be further from the truth. Anyone can and should engage in the arts simply for the sake of play and curiosity – and to explore your more creative side. We all have one!

What is art?

Art is anything that engages your senses. When you look at it in such a broad light, art becomes much more than a painting hung on a wall or a famous sculpture from before our time. Dancing, journaling, baking, knitting, playing piano – these are all forms of art that anyone can become involved in! Get started by thinking back to the types of creative pursuits you once enjoyed in your youth.

Creative Muse wants everyone to explore their creative sides – we believe art is in all of us! This is a big part of why we’ve started offering art classes for adults at our store in Kelowna, with a focus on various topics. We are passionate about art, and we’re eager to help you develop a love of art as well!

Our current rotation of classes includes Adult Colouring Techniques, Experimenting with Watercolour Painting, and an Introduction to Fabric Art. Learn more about our classes, and sign up online at

In the meantime, we challenge you to devote 20 minutes to any form of art. Make this a regular part of your daily diet, and watch how your mood and stress levels improve.

See you at Creative Muse!

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